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Stop Human Trafficking CA
Resources for activists, organizations and ways to engage in stopping human trafficking in California
Organizations Working to Combat Trafficking in California:

Northern California:

Narika, Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative, Berkeley
Main: 800-215-7308

California Against Slavery, Fremont

Fresno County EOC Sanctuary and Youth Services
Main: 559-498-8543
Central Valley Against Human Trafficking: 559-268-1045

Human Exploitation and Trafficking (H.E.A.T) Watch Program
Alameda County District Attorney's Office, Oakland
Main: 510-272-6222
Tipline: 510-208-4959

Opening Doors, Inc., Sacramento
Main: (916)492-2591
Spanish: 916-492-2008

Sacramento Employment & Training Agency
Main: 916-263-1555
24 hr: 866-920-2592

WEAVE, Inc., Sacramento
Main: 916-448-2321
24 hr: 866-920-2952 

API Legal Outreach - Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative, San Francisco
Main: 415-567-6255

Asian Women's Shelter - Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative, San Francisco
24 hr: 877-751-0880
Main: 415-751-7110

The SAGE Project, Inc. - Standing Against Global Exploitation, San Francisco
Main: 415-905-5050

San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking
Main: 415-252-3208

South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking, San Jose

Community Solutions, South Santa Clara County
Main: 408-779-2113
24hr: 877-363-7238

Southern California:

The Salvation Army-Network of Emergency Trafficking Services, Anaheim
Main: 714-783-2338

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, Los Angeles
24 Hr: 888-539-2373
Main: 213-365-1906

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, San Diego
Main: 619-666-2757

CSP Victim Assistance Programs, Santa Ana and Westminster
Task Force Administrator: (714) 548-3704
Case Referrals: (714) 898-3315 ext. 4562

Public Law Center, Santa Ana
Main: 714-541-1010

Children of the Night, Van Nuys
Main: 1-800-551-1300

Around the world, California is known as a land of opportunity.

Too often, what looks like a chance at the American dream  turns out to be a nightmare.  

Immigrant women and children  and young people coming from difficult circumstances are particularly at risk.  

Human trafficking can involve coerced prostitution, abuse through other forced criminal activities, forced labor or all three.  Because traffickers prey on vulnerable individuals, this crime is both widespread and insidious.

There are things that we can each do to raise awareness about the prevalence of human trafficking, to support stronger anti-trafficking laws and make the public and elected officials more aware of the need to prosecute traffickers and care for survivors.  

Some of the ways that you can take action are below.  Please pick out which ones are right for you and take the pledge to fight human trafficking in California and beyond.

~Sally Lieber

Ten Things We Can Each Do to Help Stop Human Trafficking:

Learn the signs that indicate an abusive situation and potential trafficking is happening

Become aware of the anti-trafficking resources in your community

Work to promote awareness by inviting anti-trafficking experts and activists to speak to 
your organization

Ask local law enforcement what efforts they are making to help stop trafficking

Connect with community organizations that serve vulnerable immigrants--those that may be
 most likely to fall prey to traffickers

Learn more about migration and the reasons that people migrate around the world

Learn more about the plight of homeless young people in California and beyond

Write a letter to the editor about the need for awareness in the community

Engage in a project or help promote an organization that works for the empowerment of low 
income women and their families worldwide

Take the pledge to be an advocate and activist against human trafficking