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Fairness and Respect For Taxpayers

As a member of the Board of Equalization, I’ll work hard to find ways to reach out to our diverse state, ensure that all taxpayers are treated with respect, and constantly work to create a level playing field for all taxpayers. Having served in public office at both the local and state level, I know the importance of constituent casework and problem solving.

Transparency and Accountability

It’s essential that the Board of Equalization is a model of transparency and accountability. To that end, 
I am running a corporate-free campaign. At the agency level, we must work to constantly enhance the information available, address frequently asked questions thoroughly, and ensure that information is accessible, usable, includes open data, and integrates with other state agencies.

Adequate Revenues for California’s Future

The Board of Equalization has a role to play in providing our State with adequate, predictable, and equitable revenues to address our State’s needs: quality education, healthcare, support for people in need, environmental protection, and disaster preparedness. To do so, it is essential that we ensure 
that large entities pay their fair share.

Fighting Climate Destruction

The climate crisis is an existential threat for California. It’s essential that every state agency, including the Board of Equalization, work together to do everything in our power to become more sustainable 
and identify opportunities for our State to slow climate destruction and stave off its worst effects. District 2, with its coastal predominance, needs an advocate for the environment as its representative. 

Working with the Legislature

It’s vital that the Board of Equalization works closely with the State Legislature to identify further reforms of our current tax agencies and pressure points for taxpayers and our State’s homegrown industries. I am the only candidate in this race who has balanced budgets and cut unnecessary spending at both the state and local level. I understand the legislative process and can work to get 
the best outcome for taxpayers and protect our future.

Paid for by Sally Lieber for Board of Equalization 2022 (FPPC# 1444048), P.O. Box 9980, San Jose, CA 95157 Contributions to this organization are not tax deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.