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COVID-19 Recovery:

It’s essential that we extend support for renters and small businesses, and play an active role in county, state, 
and federal deliberations about COVID-19 mitigation and recovery.

We must be prepared to support our small businesses and nonprofit organizations for the long haul, help them develop new strategies for serving the community, and work with our healthcare and school districts to ensure 
the best outcomes for our residents.

As our community recovers, it is necessary for our city government to work proactively to meet the community’s needs for childcare, job assistance, and access to getting microbusinesses up and running quickly.

During the COVID-19 crisis, and after, we must work with our vehicle dwelling residents to ensure that families 
are not displaced from our community or pushed into homelessness. Strategies that focus solely on case management ignore the reality that these families face: the combination of reduced employment, high rents, and 
a housing shortage can make a vehicle their only option. We need more, and dispersed, safe, off-street parking 
for RVs.


It’s clear that our community needs more housing to meet the demand of our local workforce and ensure that young people who grow up in Mountain View have an opportunity to stay here. We must also do more to protect apartment renters, and mobilehome homeowners and renters.

We need additional compact housing that is linked to transit, small businesses, and services. We can make greater use of tools like land banking, and put an emphasis on working with nonprofit housing providers to preserve existing affordable housing and create new affordable housing. We need new programs to make it 
easier for homeowners to plan for and build in-law units on their properties.

We must eliminate the widespread displacement of Mountain View residents that has affected our community 
so much in the past several years. We must ensure that no one is displaced due to COVID-19, and be even 
more proactive in ensuring that our community members can access legal help when they need it.

Mountain View voters instituted rent control, but for the past several years the committee that oversees its implementation has been impacted by the appointment of members that are philosophically opposed to rent control. We must see to it that the voters’ will is upheld and rent control is extended to our mobilehome parks.


Mountain View has made significant strides toward sustainability over the past two years. Now it is time to fast-track implementation of those goals and to put Mountain View on the record supporting good environmental legislation at the county, state, and federal level. We must do everything in our power, now, to slow and reverse climate collapse.

We must look ahead to our community’s future energy needs and plan for local generation, storage, and use of clean renewable energy. We can and must work with our large and small-scale employers to reduce traffic and create more opportunities for people to live close to work and to work from home.

Ensuring that mass transit is affordable, usable and pleasant, is a priority. We need a Council that will effectively advocate for transit that is flexible and serves north Santa Clara County well. Increasing our bicycle infrastructure will have multiple benefits for our community. We need additional Peninsula bicycle commuting routes. An important opportunity lies in working with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to create a bicycle 
route throughout the Peninsula on the Hetch Hetchy right of way.

We also need to enhance our local environmental and recreational infrastructure: completion of the Bay Trail, 
local habitat protection, continued Bay restoration, engagement of families and community members in environmental activities and education at Shorelines, in local parks, and on our trails.

Community Building: 

Mountain View should be a community where everyone’s voice counts equally. We need further campaign finance reforms to ensure that entities with an economic interest before our City Council don’t overshadow the voices of residents.

Our police and emergency response services must always be respectful, protective, and take into account historical and current discrimination, mental health needs, developmental needs, and the need for integrated 
crisis intervention.

Our City’s policies should reflect public health principles, inclusion, and transparency. Our City Council should 
play a greater role in highlighting the caring infrastructure that is needed in our community: healthcare, childcare, homecare, education, and support services for families. We should always stand up to prevent harm, whether 
it is targeting of our undocumented residents, insensitivity to LGBTQ families and community members, or widespread environmental harms. We can and must have a City Council that is always on our side.
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