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Meet Sally

A proven leader with the vision and courage to take on tough issues, Sally puts in the work.  

Fighting for Economic Opportunity

In the California State Assembly, Sally achieved 
major victories that increased educational and 
economic opportunities. Sally authored laws that 
increased California’s minimum wage, increased the 
number of CalGrant scholarships for college students, 
and increased supportive housing and housing for 
low income households. She successfully advocated 
for mortgage protections for all Californians.

Protecting the Environment

Sally has been an environmental champion at the 
local and state level for decades. In the State Assembly, 
Sally was a leader in passing forward-thinking laws that 
established the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority 
to address sea level rise and restore wetlands. Her clean 
air legislation has removed 10+ tons of cancer-causing 
particulate matter from our air each day. Sally also worked 
to successfully secure funding for healthy, energy efficient 
‘green’ schools throughout California.

Protecting Victims and Survivors of Crime

Sally took the lessons she learned in local government to the State Assembly, where she authored laws that made human trafficking a felony, established the Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights, created courtroom protections for the developmentally disabled and cognitively impaired, and banned the use of the discriminatory ‘panic defense’ in hate crimes cases. Sally is an activist and advocate for measures to help seniors, people living with disabilities, women and their families, immigrant Californians, and for reforms to shut down the school-to-prison pipeline.

Advocating with Purpose

A lifelong advocate for people in need, Sally has worked tirelessly, serving our communities by working to stop wage theft and empowering undocumented Californians, securing funding and access for teen pregnancy prevention and reproductive services, leading gun violence reduction measures, and working to provide compassionate aid to people that are homeless, or have been forced into refugee or migrant status. On the State Board of Equalization, Sally has been a strong and consistent voice for taxpayer rights, tax fairness, and transparency in government. 

Find out more about Sally's state legislation here.

                                                                    Sally and her husband Dave met at Black Rock City, Nevada, 
                                                                    and have been married for over 25 years. They enjoy 
                                                                    exploring the outdoors and biking together.

                                                                    Sally and Dave live in Mountain View, where they are active in                                                                     community and neighborhood activities and have knowledge of every                                                                     single coffee serving facility within many miles.

                                                                    Dave is a fantastic helpmate, an avid windsurfer on the                                                                     San Francisco Bay, and an ardent hiker, backpacker, poker 
                                                                    player, and returning jazz musician.       

                                                                    Before his career in technology, Dave was a professional                                                                     musician on piano and drums and worked for the Forest Service 
                                                                    in the Idaho Primitive Area.

Paid for by Sally Lieber for Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors 2024 (FPPC: 1460612), 333 W. San Carlos St., Suite 600, San Jose, CA 95110.  
Donations to this committee are not tax deductible.

Sally outdoors with trees