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Dear friends--

I am honored to be running for our City Council in Mountain View and to be supported by the Mountain View Voice, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and many others. 

I bring with me the skills and experience gained serving on City Council, as Mayor, as a County Commissioner, and in the State Assembly for three terms.

My vision for our City includes inclusive and affordable housing, seamless transit, sustainable environmental practices, equitable and effective safety services, and a City Council that is proactive in preventing harm and protecting those in need.

I will work hard to serve every neighborhood and every resident in our City, and to provide the best quality of life for all. I will put a much needed emphasis into serving those impacted by our housing crisis and the impact of COVID-19: community members who rent, live in our mobilehome parks, have health challenges or are living with disabilities, and our working families. 

In the recent weeks, you've probably noticed the heavy-handed intrusion of special interests into our city politics. The National Association of Realtors, located in Chicago has spent $36,185.73 to support one candidate and an organization supported by 
Big Soda, garbage companies, large corporate landlords, and development and mobilehome interests has spent $44,455.61 to oppose me. 

These amounts are in addition to what candidate campaigns are spending and the spending  limit for campaigns here in Mountain View is a very ample $27,094. Clearly there is a problem.

I hope that as I'm precinct walking we'll have 
a chance to chat. We may be socially distant, but 
we are on the same team for Mountain View. I'd be honored to receive an email from you with your questions or suggestions.

I respectfully ask for your consideration and vote.

P.S.: You may notice that our 'Donate' button does not work. We are now past our contribution deadline. Thank you for your support!
Paid for by Sally Lieber for Mountain View City Council 2020 (FPPC# 1427793), 650 Castro St., Suite 120, Box 328, Mountain View, CA 94041 Contributions to this organization are not tax deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.
Support for Sally

The Mountain View Voice 

The Sierra Club

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Mountain View Housing Justice 

Santa Clara County Democratic Party

Service Employees Local 521

United Healthcare Workers West

United Food and Commercial Workers

HERE (Hotel and Restaurant Employees) Local 19

Stonewall Democrats Silicon Valley

South Bay Labor Council

Santa Clara and San Benito Building Trades Council

Democratic Activists for Women Now

Silicon Valley Democracy for America

Mountain View Mobilehome Alliance

National Women’s Political Caucus


South Bay Progressive Alliance

Silicon Valley Democratic Club

California High School Democrats